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Nanotechnology-The Trend

Today, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology became a new trend in the field of research and rapidly gaining traction across a range of industries. The word “Nano” itself revealing featured characteristics of nanotechnology. Due to these characteristics like smaller size, more active, stronger, magnetic and imaging properties it made more appropriate for industrial application. Nowadays application of Nanotechnology more exciting the field of biomedical, where advances are being made in both diagnostics and treatment areas. In diagnostics Nanotechnology sensors plays a crucial role for detection, identity and quantify biological substances in body fluids were are leading to early disease detection and treatment, especially for cancer.

In agriculture field also scientists are using Nanotechnology to improve and increase both crops and livestock productivity, while Nano agriculture is a more recent application of nanotechnology. Wastewater treatment and energy storage are more improved field using nanotechnology for safe purification of water and better energy storage system. Overall Nanotechnology becomes new trend in almost all areas and scientist keep going with magical power of “Nano “for making a smaller, stronger and more better world.

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